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The New York Autos Online concept:  
    Provide a "one stop" place for ALL New Yorkers to find a local dealer and a car on the internet from the comfort of their own home or office. We are first and foremost a resource for automotive consumers, and gear our efforts toward that end. We offer dealers services and advice in order to reach this market in the most effective way. 
Services we offer dealers:  
    New York Autos Online is an NYcars.com affiliated web site.  Our affiliation allows us to offer a wide range of Internet related services and advertising to auto dealers.  These services include:
  • Professional Web site design.
  • Internet consultation and education for dealers.
  • Targeted regional advertising (available in Central New York through the NYcars.com site)
  • Online used vehicle inventory manangement, complete with imaging.
  • Online new vehicle model information as appropriate.
  • Membership and banner advertising on the New York Autos Online site for dealers outside the Central New York region.  We receive significant traffic on our regional dealer directory pages, so banner advertising and/or an upgrade of your link to member dealer status will have a positive effect on traffic for your site.  Click here for additional information on advertising at NYautos.
These services can be had as part of a complete service package, or separately based on the needs of the dealer. 
Sound Interesting?  Have Questions? 
Email or call Peck's Pages at 315-623-7260  to get answers your questions.
We can also arrange a meeting to stop by your dealership for a "live" demo of our system.

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